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Going to a wedding.

Happy Friday! My good friend Nuala ( Nuala Honan Music ) had a big warehouse party to celebrate living in the UK for 10 years. The party was called UK DECADE. I did a DJ set of all my favourite hits throughout each year from 2004 - 2014. There are a few ropy mixes, especially towards the end as the alcohol did more DJing than I did, but it’s a fun selection! U…K… DECAAAAAAAAADE!

[ Sneaky download here ]

At Wilderness Festival I gave a piggyback to a dinosaur while dressed as a zebra flamingo cheetah. Who knows what will happen at Shambala this weekend!

Come and find out…

-> Saturday, 4pm, Wandering Word

-> Saturday, 7pm onwards, Compass Tent

-> Sunday, 10/11pm [TBC], The Social

Here’s an audience review from one of my sets at Wilderness Festival. I’m no expert at counting but I think that’s 40 thumbs up and some flipped V’s. Not bad!

NEXT STOP Shambala Festival this weekend! I’m performing a few times so come and have fun with me at some point, yeh?

Saturday: Wandering Word tent, 4pm
Saturday: Compering the Compass stage ALL NIGHT from about 8pm
Sunday: Social Stage, 10 or 11pm TBC

youowethattome said: I would die of happiness if you can get permission to post the Radiohead parody from tonight's Clarence. It was frickin' amazing.

Thank yooooouuuu! Here you gooooooo!

For those that don’t know: this is a song I made for Clarence on Cartoon Network for the “Slumber Party” episode, specifically scenes where Sumo and Jeff are hanging out in Jeff’s bedroom. The directors thought Jeff probably listens to music like Radiohead, so I made a parody of Morning Bell with lyrics about the troubles of being super smart (like Jeff)… (Click through for Soundcloud player if viewing this on Tumblr dashboard)


I feel as though I’m sad although emotions are dumb
Sick of being smarter than everyone
I’m depressed, I pass every test
I’m a genius I guess
But I’m lonely, nobody can know me
I’m trapped at the top of my towering intellect

Oh no no no no no no no no no no no no


danielavidan said: In the 12th episode of Clarence, "Rise and Shine", when Clarence speaks to the mountain lion, there is a song that can be heard in the background. Notable lyrics include: We are lions/I'm your lionheart/Your'e my mountaintop, and I want to know, was this song a reference to Always by Erasure? Did you record an entire song, and would it be possible to post that online? Or at the least, could you post the lyrics to this song so others might be able to sing it as well?

Hi Daniel, thanks for getting in touch! I generally only produce as much music as is needed for the clip - the turnarounds are very tight so it’s usually a case of doing only what’s necessary! This cue was indeed a reference to Always by Erasure, well spotted!

For those who haven’t seen this episode, it’s from a bit where Clarence gives an emotional speech to try and talk a mountain lion safely down from a tree. WATCH CLARENCE ON CARTOON NETWORK IT’S THE BEST.

Here’s the song, lyrics below:

In our hearts we are one
We are lion
Like a mountain hides the sun
Your feelings are hiding

Leave your tree
Come with me
And let the raccoons go free 

You’re my lion heart
I’m your mountain top
Together we’re a liony liony mountain

necdeep said: my god! I saw you at wilderness and gave you a hug, worry not I have set up my shrine for you

I want the shrine to either be in a matchbox or to be bigger than a cathedral. Please send pictures. p.s. Thanks for the hug! ;) x

Here’s a photoblog of my time at Larmer Tree Festival 2014. Mostly backstage larking around, shot on a Lomo Sardina - fun camera!




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At Secret Garden Party I was such a great person that I won a goldfish! I later found out it was just a bit of carrot but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with it. I cried when I ate it. I miss that carrot so much.

See me play at Wilderness Festival at The Village Hall Thursday 20:15, Saturday 18:30 and on the Friends of the Earth stage Sunday 1pm!

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