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Today I’ve been hanging out at my buddy Ben Capp’s studio tweaking mixes for my new album, out November! Eeeeeee! #HMNISP

Went for a gothic roller disco last night.

I’m trying out Exposure for doing photoblogs - it’s very easy to use and has lovely presentation. Here is a photo blog of my time at Secret Garden Party this year!

Anonymous said: Could you write me a name of the song's performer "It's so cool in California" in Clarence ep.16?

Hello my anonymous friend! The name of the song’s performer is Simon Panrucker. Me! Me! Me!

For those who haven’t seen the episode [episode 11, Zoo], there’s a bit where the teacher, Mrs. Baker, wistfully dreams of moving to California. The directors wanted a parody of Beach Boys’ California Girls. They only needed a short clip for the episode, but I think maybe they used the whole song in the credits. Not sure about that! Here’s the whole thing for your pleasure anyway - I was pleased with the way this one turned out!

[click through for player if viewing on tumblr]


It’s so cool in California
You work as a waitress and fail as an actress
Everything is better for ya
It teaches you patience to wait in the traffic
I can’t wait to be
A flake-out by the sea
That wakes up on the beach each morning
To fight with a seagull for half of a sandwich
It’s so cool in California


'Angry Dance' is a song that will be on my new album, coming out in November! #HMNISP

Just hanging out with my flower friends. I think I crushed about 200 of them taking this photo, but they’ll forgive me because THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS DO.

Street party on my road! (They are running for fun, not for safety)

Shot some promo photos today for my NEW ALBUM coming out NOVEMBER! :-O

Going to a wedding.

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